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  • Mary Walter Elementary

    4529 Morrisville Road

    Bealeton, VA  22712

    Office (540) 422-7710, Fax (540) 422-7729, Clinic (540) 422-7715

    Office Hours: 8:00-4:30
    Student Hours: 8:30-3:25

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    Secretary, Linda Cox, Bookkeeper, Barbara Correia, School Nurse, Ashley Franklin, Principal, Alex O'Dell, Assistant Principal, Charlee King

  • The Mary Walter Spring Book Fair is scheduled for March 13 to March 20th.   Parent Evening is Thursday, March 16th from 5-7 pm


Division News

  • Doctor Teaches First Graders about Proper Hand Washing

    On Tuesday, Feb. 21, Dr. Seokhan Kyle Song of Fauquier Health Family Practice at Bealeton came to Walter Elementary School to demonstrate proper hand-washing techniques to first-grade students. Dr. Song discussed when and why the students should be washing their hands and how easy it is for germs to hide out on hands if hands are not washed properly. He then had the students and teachers cover their hands with a special gel before washing them with soap and water. When the students and teachers placed their hands under a black light, it revealed the places that need more attention when washing hands.

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  • Student 'Wax Museum' at Walter Elementary

    Second graders at Walter Elementary School turned to wax, so to speak, as the stars of the second grade’s annual Famous Americans Wax Museum Jan. 23. The students had researched and prepared a project on a famous American who has made a positive contribution to our country. On the day of the Wax Museum, they dressed as their famous Americans, and each set up a “booth.” The famous Americans sat motionless, wax-like, holding a pose until a visiting adult or student pressed the button at their booth to free them to move and to recite a short informational report on the famous American they were portraying in wax.

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  • FCPS Teacher of Year Nominees Honored

    At its Feb. 13 meeting the Fauquier County School Board honored 16 teachers, all of whom have been nominated to be Fauquier County’s representative in the Washington Post Teacher of the Year competition. A selection panel will choose one of the 16 teachers to be the Fauquier County Teacher of the Year, and that teacher will be entered into the Post’s Teacher of the Year competition. The Fauquier County Teacher of the Year will be announced in mid-April. At the school board meeting each school’s Teacher of the Year nominee received an award in the form of a glass apple. The Fauquier Excellence in Education Foundation will also honor the nominees at a reception where each will receive a cash award.

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