Saturday, July 23, 2016

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Let us know how you feel about school issues by responding to Mr. Kadilak's questions.  Be sure to check back often to see how your fellow Wildcats respond!

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Now for the topics of discussion...


Greetings Fellow Bloggers, I'm glad so many of you are enjoying the school lunches. They really are awesome, well maybe the Au Rotten oops I mean Au Grautin potatoes aren't so good but everything else rocks! Our cafeteria staff does an outstanding job. Be sure to tell them how very much you appreciate the great food. What I thought we would do is every so often have a student planned menu and we would include some of your favorites listed here. Thanks everyone for blogging! Peace out Mr. K.
I would want DOUBLE DOGS!!!!!!!!! Double dogs rock!
i love egg rolls or pizza
i would like salad!
um probably stufed crused dippers corn and a 1/4 of a watermellon
I would like for lunch (these are two differend lunchs not one). Brocclie, taco, chicken tenders, mash potatos, lettce tomates, chips, and slasa.
Marcaroni and cheese
Something asian, like fried-rice
I would LOVE to have Taco and better corn and lettce tomates how about that??
The Egg rolls are the best! Smiley
Chicken tenders, stuffed crust dippers, or double dogs.
Me and Reed will eat pizza with you
the stuff crust dippers and stromboli
i would love to have lasagna with garlic bread.
wraps!! turkey ham chicken beef any kind
I would pick the chiken patty
I love the Stromboli!!!!it rox!!!! Smiley
I think the chicken nuggets ROCK!!!!!
i really enjoy the taco at lunch on september 23, the lunch ladies did a really good job on the lunch
I would like to have chicken fried rice, sweet and sour chicken, and dumplings!
I wooul choose tacos with the tortilla chips. I also think the school should try raviolis and bread sticks.
stuffed crust dippers
I would like to see maybe dumplings
if we were the cooks of the kitchen then we would make Steak, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and Fresh Pineapple. With the drink of Dr.Pepper or Mountain Dew.
steak, macaroni, bannas and chocolate.
chicken dumplings
chicken salad yummy
I think that a good school lunch would be - SHISHKEBABS!!!!!!!
I would say that Taco's and Spaghetti is the best lunch here. I also think you sould get some more of those starberry milk(its very good).
The big egg rolls not the little ones and the stuff crust dippers
If i could pick a school lunch i would pick egg roll becuase it is so yummy! i hope that u do tell them to cook them lol
I think we sould have the Bread sticks with dipping sause. It Rocks
I think we sould have a buffet with like all the foods. Tacos, Burgers, Hotdogs, etc. I think it would be alot easier to eat and every one could eat what they wanted
we think we should have nachos with rice fresh or canned fruit and milk!!!!!!!!!
If I could pick the schools lunch I would choose dominoes pizza with coke or milk tatter tots and a hot fudge sunday. Thats my pick and I cant wait for freestyle friday you should were rapper clothes too.
my pick is the egg rolls they rock
Hullo, I'm a lunch packer personally, but if I had to choose, it would probably be the hotdogs, motzerella sticks, or cheesburgers. The fries are a very delectable tasty treat! I'd like to thank the lunch ladies for their good work. GO GREEN!
I think that we should have stuffed crust dippers, because that was my favorite lunch since I was in Kindergaten at C. Hunter Ritchie
either the egg rolls with fries or strombolli is really good too!!!
i want food that taste good and has low carbs.
um, hot wings and ranch dip
Stuffed crust dippers are awesome we should have them for a choice everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smiley Smiley Smiley
i think that once a month we should do foods that are famous from each state. Or we could do foods from around the world.
I would eat ribs for lunch.
Mr. Kadilak,
I would really love to see a salad bar or a salad as a lunch choice,
or something for vegitariens ( sorry I don't spell that great( but for people who don't eat meat)).
Chicken tenders with mashed potatoes and carrots. =D
hey auburn i would love to have dominose pizaa$$$$$$
salad,GOOD macaroni,subway sandwhiches,hoggies, chicken tenders.

ps i was laughin with friends when you served lunch that day and were flippin around all the should do it again
I want food that's not greasy or too salty, but still tastes good. We should have foods with lots of protein and low on the bad carbs. I heard my mom say that high fructose is bad for you and it makes people fat.

I want more fresh fruits and vegetables. Maybe Auburn could have a fruit & vegetable garden, and this could be a new club.
i would like taco's every Friday with corn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i want a smoothie strawberry and banana smoothies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr.Kadilak don't worry i have more what about nacho's and cheese and chillii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would like the spaghetti that rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I looooovvve egrolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love egg rolls or pizza i love them a lot
The school lunch I would pick for a day would be Caramel Frappichinos for drinks or any type of those drinks from Starbucks. For food there would be a Chocolate muffin or any type of muffin, and mabey a cheese or chicken and cheese or just chicken quessida. Thank you for your time and please just give it a try because what if some people don't like milk or SunnyD or any other type of drinks we sell.
stuffed crust dipper or taco
i luv the stombolli adn thee eggrolls and the stuffed crust dippers
Egg Rolls Would Be Good Smiley
I think we should have strombolli or spagetti
Well, I would pick stuffed peppers but if you mean that u guys already have, then I'd pick stuffed crist dippers! U should put mozzarella cheese on top of it! Yummy!
OMG how about.........oh boy how about japanese dumplings!!!!!
I would like double cheeseburgers!!!!!!!!!!!
I think I would have to pick pizza! Because its so good and delicious!
i think i would choose to have chicken tenders, mashed potatoes and milk!!!
We should have sushi and steak done medium well. we should also have fried calamari and coconut shrimp seriously think about it.
pizza would be great every day
Lobster tail with butter sauce!!!
They are the best ever!!!!!!!!!!
Chinese orange chicken!but not the frozen kind thats not right.
i love the eggrolls they are so good especialy with sweet and sour sauce
ravioli, and tater tots!! and starbucks...yeah thats good
I think we should have prime rib or lump crab meat or both.
apple pie and a filet-O-fish
briana said:
i love egg rolls or pizza
I would say CHINESE like pork fried rice!!!!!!
I pack most of the time but I like the stromboli!! And the dark corn!!
Estefania said:
I would like to have chicken fried rice, sweet and sour chicken, and dumplings!
that would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
omg i lov wildcats wares
i dislike egg rolls sooooo maybe... stuff crust dippers.
OMG Stuffed Crust Dippers are THE BEST!!!! I sooo <3 them
hey stuffed crust DIPPERS are the best! I also like the watermelon

C H Ritchie had some Italian dunkers with cheese

The cafeteria really should serve sour cream with the quesadillas!
Stromboli is awesome so are stuffed crust dippers Smiley
Recently, a vegetable soup was served. It got many fine reviews. Could a beef stew or another kind of soup be in the offing?
I think that the cafeteria should serve a dish called riceroni. A dish that contains rice, gravy, and opptional corn mixed together, served with COLD applesauce and garlicy breadsticks. Or if you dont like that theres always the chicken parmesean. YUUUUUUUM! Its a simple dish but it tastes a whole lot better. Its basically spaghetti with chicken patty chiken on top served with extra garlicy bread and parmessean cheese.