Wednesday, July 27, 2016
Answers to Commonly Asked Questions
How do I refer my child to the school counselor?
You may contact Mrs. Melton by email at or phone at 540-422-7636. Please leave a message if there is no answer, and I will return your call.
Can my child ask to see the school counselor?
Yes, students may leave a note to see me in my door, and I will see them as soon as I possibly can.
How often does the school counselor see students?
Groups come once a week for approximately 25-30 minutes for about 6 weeks.  Individuals come once a week for approximately 15-20 minutes for about 4 weeks. A letter and permission slip will be sent home. Please return the permission slip so I will know if you give permission for your child to participate.
What is classroom guidance?
Classroom guidance is a monthly activity in each of the classrooms. Mrs. Melton plans lessons that follow the state and county guidelines for school counselors.  Lessons are taught so children will learn academic and social skills to help them in school. Character education, career awareness, and test taking skills are also part of the classroom guidance program. Parents and teachers are encouraged to support the lessons by discussing and practicing what is taught with the children.