Tuesday, June 30th, 2015
Faculty & Staff Contact Information
At Southeastern, we value frequent school-to-home communication. 
We invite you to contact your child's teachers, the administration, or other staff members if you have questions, comments, or concerns. 
We strive to return all messages within 24-business hours.

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(New Contact) (0)
Administration (2)
Administrative/Instructional Support (6)
Counselor (1)
High School (6)
Middle School (1)

Middle School Teachers

Kirk, Cindi  - Special Eduation, Math, Science

ckirk@fcps1.org Voicemail ext:

 Fishback, Clayton - English, World Geography

  cfishback@fcps1.org Voicemail ext:


  High School Teachers

Anzivino, Matthew - Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry

manzivino@fcps1.org Voicemail ext:

Beaudoin-Saunders, Valerie - Special Education

vbeaudoin-saunders@fcps1.org   Voicemail ext:

Kritzberg, Samantha - Special Education

sbrinkmann@fcps1.org Voicemail ext:

Chalmers, Darryl - World History I & II, US History, Government

dchalmers@fcps1.org Voicemail ext:

Donnelly, Susan - Earth Science, Biology, Ecology

sdonnelly@fcps1.org Voicemail ext:

Rummel, Joseph - English 9 - 12

  jrummel@fcps1.org   Voicemail ext:


Other Staff:

Bowen, Eileen - Secretary, Clinic Aide

ebowen@fcps1.org Voicemail ext: 7393

Holland, Mary - Computer Lab Technician / Instructional Aide


Johnson, Ron - PE & Activities Monitor / Instructional Aide


McPherson, Gary - In-School Detention Monitor / Attendance Office

gmcphearson@fcps1.org Voicemail ext: 7396

Newberry, Richard - Head Custodian

rnewberry@fcps1.org   Voicemail ext: 7397

Ritchie, Sandra - Art & Activities Monitor / Instructional Aide