ART 3 - 2D


There is a prerequistie Art 2 or a portfolio evaluated by the teacher as equivalent to a "B" or better Art 2 portfolio.

This course is designed for the talented art student who has a serious interest in art and is considering a career in art. Students will be expected to expand their verbal and written critical thinking skills. They will refine their skills as they produce quality art work on an advanced level. This course will focus on the design elements as students work with advanced techniques such as painting (acrylics, watercolors, air brush): drawing (pencil, pastel, conte crayon, ink); printmaking ( wood block, multi-colored silkscreen); and commercial design (computer graphics, lettering, and advertising). The study of artists' styles and periods is part of this curriculum and will be incorporated into each assignment. Students will also learn how to mount and mat work for final presentation. It is important that an extensive portfolio be maintained and expanded for admission into exhibited throughout the term.