Tuesday, July 26, 2016



This course is designed for the serious art student who is planning to major in fine art or commercial art in college. As in other advanced placement courses, college credit is available with the successful completion of the course and with portfolio acceptance. Students MUST be highly motivated, disciplined, and skilled in drawing, painting and design. Students will be given NUMEROUS portfolio assignments that will be submitted for critique by AP evaluators. The portfolio takes the place of the written exam. Students may choose to work toward either the General Portfolio or the Drawing Portfolio.

Admission Procedure - Portfolio:

1. Drawing of the human figure in a setting (environment);
2. A design (any medium) that demonstrates the successful use of the elements and principles of design as applied to abstraction or non-objective art;
3. Black and white drawing of a still life arrangement in strong light;
4. Drawing or painting that shows foreshortening in a dramatic way;
5. Drawing (in a medium other than pencil) of a room in the home,
6. A high-quality piece of 3-D art;
7. Painting, in tempera, acrylic or watercolor that demonstrates the successfull handling of one of these media).

Portfolio Requirements:

AP General Portfolio: 8 drawing assignments, 8 color/design assignments, two 3-D pieces, 4 "quality" works, up to 20 works in an area of concentration (a body of related works which shows growth through an evolution). See note below.

AP Drawing Portfolio:
6 "quality" works, up to 20 works in an area of concentration, 14 to 20 pieces showing breadth in use of media and innovation of ideas. NOTE: Purchase of most materials will be the responsibility of the student and some of this work must be accomplished outside of regulally scheduled class time. Only slides of work are submitted for the AP exam, EXCEPT for the 4 "quality" pieces which must be the original work. Students are expected to take the AP Portfolio exam.