Sunday, July 31, 2016

Great Gift Ideas for Young Musicians

* Fun Sheet Music - movies, Disney, pop tunes...practicing doesn't always have to be "the boring stuff Mrs. Mergen gave us!"

* Smart Music - a subscription based software program that makes practicing fun!  For more information, please visit and refer to the "students & parents" section.

* Stock up on the Essentials!
- Extra Reeds & a Reed Case - for clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, & oboe students
 - Valve Oil or Slide Cream - for brass students

* Music Stand

* Instrument Care Kit

* Metronome

* Tuner

* "Gig Bag" - This can be a fun way to carry & store your instrument.  DO NOT purchase a "soft" bag . Soft bags do not provide adequate protection for a Middle School student's instrument.   ProTec & several other companies have come up with durable, colorful cases that students love!

* An Instrument!   - If you are interested in purchasing an instrument for your child, please contact Mrs. Mergen so that we can be sure to find a quality product that fits your price range!

Not sure where to shop? 
Many of these items can be found at any music retailor & several companies have online options as well. Check our Document Manager for a list of local stores and web address suggestions or contact Mrs. Mergen for more info.