Thursday, July 28, 2016

Parent Packs

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The counselor's office offers a varied selection of "Parent Packs" - collections of books, toys, activities and articles that can help you and your child deal with some of the common developmental issues that our families face. Packs are designed to help you help your child, while encouraging family communication. The Anger Management Pack, for instance, contains books to read together about characters who discover positive ways to deal with their anger, games for you and your child to play that will help them practice new bahaviors, some Play Dough that they can pound to "get their mads out", and articles for you to read for further information on the topic. Parent Packs are available to address Separation Anxiety (not wanting to come to school), Grief and Loss, Divorce, Deployment, Having a Family Member in Jail, Learning Disabilities, Anger Management, Worry, Homework, Sibling Rivalry, and Dealing with Teasing and Bullies.  Packs may be checked out for two weeks at a time. If you would like one, contact me (347-6180; or your child's teacher and the Pack will be sent home with your child. The materials come in a pouch that will fit in a backpack. You may keep the activities and articles, but please return all books and toys.