Saturday, July 30, 2016

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Ghost Girl
By Delia Ray

Set in a remote area of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this is a story of a young adolescent girl as she struggles with the pressures of family demands and the endless possibilities ahead with the opening of a new school.

This book tells a very poignant story of April Sloane who until age eleven has never had the opportunity to receive a formal education.  With opening of a new school, subsidized by Woodrow Wilson and Mrs. Wilson, new horizons open for the children of the Blue Ridge.  However with those new opportunities several obstacles stand in April's way of a better life through education.

The reader will find humor and tragedy inside the pages of this book. It is an eye opening experience for today's students about the lives and times of another generation set in the back drop of the Great Depression.

This is based on a collection of letters and put to print by an author who is no stranger the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

Reviewed by Ms. Bannister