Saturday, July 23, 2016

SchoolCenter Picture

Daniel's Story
By Carol Matas

This story uses many flashbacks about what Daniel and his family went through during the Holocaust.  He uses pictures his holding in his hand and in his mind to give detailed visions of what was going happening around him.  He tells stories to you about going from being a normal boy living in a regular town to then having the Nazis moving the Jewish people of all ages to a ghetto. Living in these conditions were horrible, but the worst is yet to come.  The German's under Hitler's plan were convinced and followed orders to consider Jewish people an inferior race and they must be eliminated.  Daniel is moved from work camp to work camp, not knowing his or his family's fate.  The way he gives you a true vision of how these people were treated makes you hope that something like this will never happen again in history.  This story was inspired by real experiences from many of the children who did not survive the Holocaust.

Reviewed by Mrs. Adam