Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What has interact been up to?

We have joined forces with the Random Acts of Kindness Club and we are participating in events together.

We are currently giving bracelets out to students who we see engaging in "random acts of kindness." We brought bracelets from (Actively Caring For People). These bracelets will act represent a chain of good events, as each bracelet is given an id number. Everytime someone receives a bracelet, they can go on the website and write about why they received the bracelet. They can also where else the bracelet has been and what those people did to receive the bracelet. It is an inspiring movement based out of Virginia Tech and it has caught on quickly withour Club.

Next we will be buying bracelets to sell so that we can raise money for the ASCPA

Our next meeting will be February 1st!!! We have a new meeting day. We will no meet every other Thursday to better accomodate people's schedules! We will sell our bracelets to raise money for the ASPCA!