Fauquier County Public Schools

Fifth Grade

Technology Skills

(Students will also integrate technology skills from C/T K-2 curriculum.)

Basic Technology Skills C/T 3-5.1

8 Saves and retrieves personal work from folder

8 Controls positions and size of windows (title bar, minimize, maximize, close, and toggle)

8 Uses correct login

8 Knows the difference between and uses “Save” & “Save As”

8 Manages files in folders

8 Discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using computers


C/T 3-5.2

8 Uses correct finger placement on “Home Row” to strike all keys

8 Increases speed and fluency to 15-20 words per minutes with 5 or fewer mistakes

8 Uses dual keys for certain keystrokes (i.e. $ uses Shift + 4)

Word Processing

C/T 3-5.2

C/T 3-5.8

8 Uses Tab key to indent paragraphs

8 Uses RIGHT-click to activate Spell Check and Grammar Check

8 Inserts graphics (clip art folders, copying and pasting from Internet, digital images, and scanned images)

8 Uses templates for desktop publishing

8 Uses Thesaurus to increase the reading level of the passage

8 Uses Cut, Copy, and Paste as editing tools

8 Uses drawing tools

8 Creates a hyperlink in a document

8 Uses numbered and bulleted lists


C/T 3-5.2

C/T 3-5.6

C/T 3-5.8

8 Sorts and classifies data

8 Constructs and interprets graphs using spreadsheets

8 Compares graphs

8 Inserts a formula in a spreadsheet

Databases C/T 3-5.2

C/T 3-5.6

8 Understands what a database is and what it is used for

8 Accesses, retrieves, and sorts data from a database

Multimedia Skills

C/T 3-5.5

C/T 3-5.8

8 Uses basic drawing tools

8 Views or uses a slideshow

8 Creates an individual or small group multimedia presentation

8 Inserts graphics (clip art folders, copying and pasting from Internet, digital images, and scanned images)

8 Uses multimedia resources (websites and software)

Telecommunications C/T 3-5.5

C/T 3-5.6

C/T 3-5.7

C/T 3-5.8

8 Launches browser

8 Uses on-line educational activities

8 Uses Favorites

8 Uses individual or group Email

8 Uses Virtual Field Trips

8 Uses browser buttons

8 Uses on-line encyclopedia

8 Participates in on-line scavenger hunts, webquests, and simulations

8 Utilizes age appropriate search engines

8 Evaluates accuracy of websites

Digital Citizenship

C/T 3-5.3

C/T 3-5.4

C/T 3-5.5

8 Follows school’s rules for using computers

8 Respects other’s work and workspace

8 Demonstrates appropriate behavior when using equipment

8 Recognizes ownership of own work

8 Sites sources for research and graphics used

8 Understands and follows the Acceptable Use Policy for FCPS

8 Understands and follows Copyright and Fair Use policies

8 Follows personal safety rules on the Internet

8 Identifies how technology changed society in communication, transportation, and the economy

Vocabulary C/T 3-5.1

8 applications

8 document

8 backup

8 virus