Thursday, July 28th, 2016

Southeastern Alternative School
4484 Catlett Road
Midland, VA 22728
(540) 422 - 7390 main line
Fax: (540)422-7409

Michelle Neibauer, Ph.D. - Principal
Mark Marchinetti, M.Ed. -  Asst. Principal
Jennifer Werth, M.Ed.- School Counselor

 "Hands-on, real world learning for the struggling student."

Recognize these Ads? They were in the Fauquier Times!

Congratulations to Mrs. Kirk and her Family!

Southeastern's Agnes Meyer Outstanding Teacher of the Year award recipient was honored at the Washington Post.


Read the article about Mrs. Kirk's award in the box below

Congratulations to Mrs. Kirk's, Fauquier County's "Agnes Meyer Outstanding Teacher of the Year" award recipient. Our middle school science and math teacher has been an integral member to our SAS family.


Click the image above to read Mrs. Kirk's tribute in FauquierNOW.