Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Small Business Administration reports that students who participate in entrepreneurship programs demonstrate increased initiative and self confidence.

Make it you business is a course designed for middle school students to introduce them to the world of entrepreneurship. This course will focus on the real life skills required of entrepreneurs that include: selecting a product or service to sell, determining the target customer, marketing the business, and creating a business web site.

Students will take pride in their work by creating their own ficticious company. They will create a product or service, company name, logo and slogan. They will create advertising promotions along with a company web site. Make it your business offers a class environment that fosters skills in reading, writing, communication, technology, and math.

C ourse objectives include the following:

  • Identify characteristics of entrepreneurs
  • Identify benefits and risks of starting a business
  • Compare customer needs
  • Analyze competitive environment
  • Select a product or service and conduct market research

During the first week of school students will be participating in an Internet Safety course called Missing