Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Kettle Run High School

Mrs. Willoughby's Class


 Class Description


•- The ID program is a class that focuses on preparing students with the skills to be able to maintain a job, as well as, the independent skills to care for themselves.  This class will help equip students with a variety of work skills in order to offer them a variety of jobs to choose from. Throughout the year the students will have multiple opportunities within the school and the community to help enhance their vocational skills.

•- Another large part of the class time will be devoted to enhancing the students' life skills. The classroom is well equipped with a full kitchen and a set of laundry machines. The students will have opportunities each week to use the kitchen to prepare a food item. They will be responsible to read and follow the directions of the recipe to complete the dish. The students will also be responsible to wash and fold loads of laundry.

•- Life skills and vocational skills are only a part of the instruction to be conducted throughout the class. The other key components of the class are made up of: communication (verbal and nonverbal expression, pre-reading, reading, and writing); daily living skills (food preparation, laundry, grooming, cleaning, following directions, and table setting); motor skills (drawing, job practice kits and handwriting); and quantitative skills (counting, addition, subtraction, telling time, counting change, and managing money).

•- The components of the class will be implemented within the classroom and the school, as well as, through the use of Community Based Trips. We have developed a program for the students to access the community to further develop their vocational skills. They will have opportunities each week to visit the community to practice their vocational skills and their life skills, through either a trip to the grocery store or to a local business.