Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Welcome to Mrs. Kelly's Computer Lab


We currently have 3 computer labs available for students to use.  Students will come to the Learning Lab weekly with their homeroom.  We will work on basic keyboarding skills, web quests, project based learning,  as well as many other facets of technology.  It is my job to be a resource to classroom teachers and students in teaching critical computer skills.  

Students will also go with their classrooms weekly to the Exploratory Lab.  Teachers will plan and implement weekly assignments or challenges for the students to complete.  These activities may range from typing final drafts, web quests, or research projects.  These activities are chosen by the classroom teacher.

The third lab is a smaller lab that is mainly used by ELL classes and SPED classes, however it is open for teachers to use as they need.

During testing times, it is my goal to leave the Learning Lab open for regular classes, however the Exploratory Labs will be closed for testing.  I am hoping to keep these labs open as much as possible.  

I am looking forward to working with your children!