Fauquier County Public Schools

Science heading

    The Science Curriculum in Fauquier County is based on the premise, paraphrased from the National Science Education Standards, that learning Science is something that students do, not something that is done to them.  An active learning process is envisioned in which students describe objects and events, ask questions, formulate explanations, test those explanations, and communicate their ideas to others.  In this way, students build strong knowledge of science content, apply that knowledge to new problems, learn how to communicate clearly, and build critical and logical thinking skills.  The students will then use these skills to approach the problems and questions that confront them daily.

  • Elementary Offerings

    Elementary School

    K-5 Science is an integral part of the elementary curriculum.  Different aspects of science are emphasized in each grade .  The continuing strands each year from Virginia SOLs and National Science Education Standards are

    • Scientific Investigation

    • Force and Motion

    • Matter

    • Living Systems

    • Life Processes

    • Interrelationships in Earth/Space Science

    • Earth patterns, Cycles and Change

    • Earth Resources


    Middle and High School Offerings

    Middle School

    6th Grade Science is General Science with studies in life science, environmental science, physical science, and Earth/Space science.  The science strands from elementary school continue.

    7th Grade Science is Life Science  

    8th Grade Science is Physical Science.


    High School

    Earth Science                                                     Biology II Ecology

    Astronomy                                                         Chemistry

    Anatoomy & Physiology                                     Chemistry AP

    Biology                                                               Environmental Science AP

    Biology Honors                                                   Physics Concepts

    Biology II Honors - Marine Ecology                   AP Physics I and II