• Attendance/ Truancy Case Management:   Case managers provide one-on-one assistance to schools and families to address student absenteeism and proactively resolve truancy issues. 

    Student Records:   Responsible for maintenance, retention and disposition of academic records and certain other school division records. 

    School Health Administration:   Manages school health programs and supports educational staff.  Serves as health advisory resource for administrators, staff members, students, parents and community members.

    Student Discipline:  Interfaces with school administrators, the Superintendent, students, and parents in handling disciplinary matters that involve appeals, out-of-school suspension, and expulsion.

    Behavior and Counseling Services:  Counselors and Psychologist   provide support for students and families.  

    Homebound Instruction:   Assist parents in the procedure of establishing service.

    Enrollment Information:   Provide information and support with the enrollment process of students.

    Homeless Services:  Assist parents and schools in following the requirements of the McKinney-Vento Act.

    Title IX Coordinator:  Oversees all Title IX complaints. 

    Special School Zone Request: Parents may request their child attend a different school from zone under certain circumstances.https://fauquierva.scriborder.com/

     Physical Restraint and Seclusion Data 21-22:Physical Restraint and Seclusion 21-22