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  • Welcome to the Cedar Lee Middle School Library



    Librarian: Mrs. Davis

    Librarian assistant:  Mrs. Meredith, Mrs. Owens and Mrs. Harley



    Students will be able to check out eBooks through SORA.  These books are elementary and middle school endorsed but we cannot monitor what they check out . Some eBooks are meant for 7th or 8th grade due to content.

    While the books in our school library are designated for grades 6-8, there are some books that are designated for the 7th and 8th grade only due to maturity. 

     All of the library books are reviewed by educational journals and are designated for middle school.  If your child chooses a book that he or she is not comfortable with or you feel is not appropriate, please return the book and we will be glad to find a book that is more suitable to their needs and interests. 


    Instructional Materials Notification