LHS Tools for Success

  • “The only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing” - Socrates

    Always remain humble and willing to put pride aside and ask someone for help

    Are you struggling with any of your classes?  Are you barely getting by or a few points away from that “A” that you desire?  Does your child need help?  If yes to any of these questions, the Liberty Counseling Department has put together a resource for you to find direction and assistance to address any of your academic concerns.


    LHS PEER TUTORING * SIGN UP HERE * Take advantage of our new Peer Tutoring classes where current students are trained and ready to help support other students during the school day. These tutors are part of our Honor Societies, Honors and AP classes, or excel in other areas of academia where they can help fellow students find success too.


    Click the names of the sources below for online assistance.

    Help with Multiple Subjects:

    The Plains League Tutoring - FREE VIRTUAL TUTORING with local organization

    Khan Academy

    How To Study/Testing Tips


    SOL Pass - SOL Pass

    IQ - Interactive Quizzes

    SAT Prep - Collegeboard


    Help Specifically for English:

    Grammar 101

    English Leap


    Help Specifically for Math:

    Khan Academy

    IXL – (Initially free then inexpensive to continue use, but good website)

    Cool Math


    Help Specifically for Science:

    Physics Tutorials


    Here are the simple steps to a successful and rewarding academic experience:

    1. Talk to the teacher – Have you asked the teacher about why you are struggling, or what you can do to improve? This simple step can go a long way. The teacher can help you target problem areas and often make suggestions for the best ways to improve.  Maybe you can even submit late work for full or partial credit.  Asking your teacher shows them that you are interested in their class and your education. 
    2. Seek EXTRA Help (tutoring) – Ask the teacher if you can get some help before or after school if they are available, or take advantage of our FREE tutoring opportunities. We have various options these days for students to get that extra help they need:
      1. PEER TUTORING – Tutors are available in the Library to offer peer tutoring to other students in need or just for group study. These facilitating students are high achieving Juniors and Seniors. 
      2. Peer Tutoring by NHS at Bealeton Library – Tuesdays from 5-7pm. Similar to the above tutoring using top notch Junior and Senior National Honor Society students.
      3. Click this link to go to a Private Tutoring - List and contacts
      4. Online Tutorials - You can find tons of resources for help in all areas online via Kahn Acadamy, TeacherTube, Hippocampus, and much more!
    3. Talk to your counselor – Not sure what you need to improve? Then talk to your counselor to help pinpoint the areas of concern and map out a plan of attack. Your counselor can help you locate some of these resources and also work with your current teachers to get their input and support. 
    4. Mother and Father Know Best – Get your parents involved as well. Communication between parents and the teachers can also be a good support. Maybe they can provide tips to your parents that will help them better support you at home, or they can start emailing on a weekly basis to make sure you are staying on top of your work.  A little positive nudge of support from a parent can really help, especially if you are feeling overwhelmed or confused about what you need to be doing to succeed. 
    5. Group Conference – So you’ve tried everything and you just don’t know what to do!!!


    A Parent/Student/Teacher/Counselor conference may be the next step.  Multiple teachers working together along with insights from you, your parents and your counselor can often help us find a plan that will help you succeed.  Maybe teacher A sees something that you do well that teacher B was unaware of which helps them see you in a different light.  This open communication can help us identify your strengths and weaknesses and provide you with a support community to help you achieve your goals.