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    Liberty High School’s (LHS) Big Buddy mentoring program connects a LHS student with an elementary school student within our school zone (GMES, MMP, MWES). The elementary student has been identified by their teacher or counselor, and approved by parental permission, as benefiting from a positive consistent relationship with a familiar friend/mentor each week.

    Big Buddies visit their little buddies directly after school one day a week, on their day of choice. They spend almost an hour with their little buddy before the elementary school day is over. They do various activities with their little buddy such as, building relationships, helping with homework, reading, talking, playing, indoor/outdoor games, and participating in class activities.

    It is extremely important that the Big Buddy is reliable and shows up each week to provide a consistent relationship with their little buddy. Big Buddies take their role as a youth mentors very seriously. The mentors love what they are doing; they have a special relationship with their little buddies and they look forward to seeing each other and catching up each week. Big Buddies also earn volunteer hours that can benefit them on college applications or career references.

    Please Email Mrs. Harris 540-422-7367 in the LHS Counseling Dept for more information!