Peace Eagles

  • WHO ARE WE?:  The Peace Eagles are a group of students who have been trained to provide conflict mediation between 2 or more students.  Through their desire to help their fellow students get along peacefully, and their knowledge of techniques for healthy communication, these students hope to make our school the best place it can be.

    TRAINING:  Mediation training was provided by the Piedmont Dispute and Conflict Resolution Center and students had to attend a full-day training to learn the skills necessary to handle mediation. 

    ARE YOU HAVING A CONFLICT YOU WANT HELP RESOLVING?:  If so, pick up a form from the main office or the counseling office and a mediation will be set up for you.

    WHEN & WHERE ARE MEDIATIONS HELD?:  During SOAR periods in the counseling office.  Mediations are completely student led with no adult input.  Sessions are confidential and the rules for mediation will be clearly explained at the beginning of the session.  Both parties have to be willing to mediate, or a session will not be held.

    CONTACTS:  Questions about the Peer Mediation Program and how it works or how to become a Mediator, can be directed to Mr. McCaslin 

    Mr. McCaslin - email or stop by the counseling office.