• Welcome to Big Buddy Mentoring!

    We want to share with you a few of the details and rules to be a Big Buddy:

    1. TRANSPORTATION: You are responsible for your own transportation to and home from your selected school.
    2. COMMUNICATION: Please communicate to Mrs. Harris ASAP if you CANNOT make your assigned day of the week to see your little buddy. Your little buddies are fragile, and they REALLY look forward to seeing you automatically on the day you signed up to go…please do not leave them hanging. Let us know if you cannot make it that day and we can reschedule…they must know ahead of time so they do not feel let down when you don’t show up. You can call/email Mrs. Harris if you are home ill.
    3. NO CELL PHONES: Do not use your cell phones while at the elementary school, please have them turned off. Your time with your little buddy is precious and there’s nothing worse than them feeling like they don’t matter to you while you are together…once you leave the building you can use your phone again.
    4. FRIENDS: Same thing as mentioned above, do not hang/chat with other big buddies at the school while you are with your little buddy. Little buddies may not feel special if they do not have your 100% attention for the short time they get to see you. One-on-one bonding is crucial for the mentoring relationship. Never bring a friend to tag along with you on days you are visiting the elementary school.
    5. DRESSCODE: Please dress responsibly on the days you will see your little buddy…remember, you are a role model, they may want to dress like you…look nice.
    6. WHEN TO GO: We are working hard matching identified little buddies with big buddies. We will post a list on the window outside of the Counseling Dept with your name, and your little buddy’s teacher’s name. Please check the list often to see if you get assigned a little buddy, and then immediately begin visiting them on your assigned day. Some students may not get assigned this year if we do not have enough little buddies, that’s ok, be sure to sign up again next year and you will be top of the list!
    7. WHAT TO DO: When you get a little buddy assigned to you and you visit them, be sure to check in at the front office of their school as soon as you can get there when LHS dismisses. Let them know what teacher you are there to visit and they will help you find the classroom. The teacher may give you ideas of activities to do with your little buddy, or you may need to fill your time bonding, talking, playing, etc.

    Please remember safety and responsibility rules as you are with your little buddy in a school setting. Often times little buddies will share stories with their big buddy. If you are concerned about something you heard, please be sure to let the teacher or counselor know so we can follow up.

    We are so excited that you want to be a mentor in someone’s life, you can make a difference! Please see Mrs. Harris in the Counseling Dept anytime with questions or concerns, have fun!