The Quiet Zone!

  • Quiet Zone

    You as the parents may ask why the cafeteria ladies may need a quiet zone, well here is the reason. When the lovely little darlings start coming in for lunch, they more than likely are just coming from PE. They are wound up and can be pretty loud and sometimes even a bit wild. So, that is why we like to call our area the Quiet Zone. We are however having a little problem with it. It seems that the students havent learned that when they come in, it is quiet. The server cannot here, the cashier cannot here, and then it makes me, Mrs. McGee become the bad guy by coming out and having to referre. And I dont like to do that. All of our students know better and are all old enough to control theirselves for the small amount of time they are in the lunch line.

    I would like to ask you as parents to please stress the importance of the Quiet Zone. The quicker they cooperate, the quicker they get fed and can go out and eat and socialize.

    Thanks for all your cooperation.

    Mrs. McGee