Accessing Staff Links

  • If you would like to view the Staff links channel, you will need to create a Schoolwires account by going to the Login section of the website.


    Image that shows top of browser where login has a drop-down with sign-in showing


    Please sign in with the first part of your email. Do not include If you email address is, then you would use jbwalton as your login.


    NOTE: there have been issues when trying to create the account using a mobile device. You may need to perform this task on a computer.


    Your password for SchoolWires is your FCPS email password. Accept the Terms and Conditions to complete the enrollment process.

    This will create an account so that you can view the Staff channel. If you require editting privileges to a section of the website, contact your school ITRT or organizational administrator to process the request.

    Once logged into Schoolwires, a new channel will appear at the top labeled Staff. This is where the staff Popular Links can be found, among other items that will be added to the FCPS intranet area.

    Image showing the addition of the Staff menu that contains informational links for staff