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     Greetings from the Eagle's Nest Cafe' 

    I would like to welcome you to the Eagle's Nest Cafe's web pages, full of helpful hints, answers to questions you may have about things we do in the cafeteria, information about making payments, how our day goes with the students, meals combinations, and just general information that we would hope would be helpful throughout the year.

    When our students come thru the lunch line each day, we try to treat them as if they are our own children. We understand that there are good days and bad days for them, that this is all new to the KG students, we have brand new Pre K classes that this is their first time maybe being away from mom and dad, and have our return students and even new students to Ritchie. We are here to help with whatever the need is. Whether it is not knowing a student ID#, what choice to make on their lunch tray, or just small talk, that is what we are there for. That is what the " The Lunch Ladies Do!" We always want your student/students to make the right choice/choices. And we will always try to see to it that they do..

    Again, welcome to the 2018-2019 year at C. Hunter Ritchie and the Eagle's Nest Cafe'. Please come join us and have a meal with your child/children.

    Thanks for checking our web page. We have several informative web links here, please feel free to browse through each one. We hope you enjoy each one, and find them as informative as we do.

    My name is Daphne McGee, and I am the School Nutrition Manager at the Eagle's Nest Cafe'. I have been at Ritchie for almost 20+ years, and I would not want to be anywhere else. We are all like family!

    You may reach me in several different ways: my direct line to my office is 540-422-7656, my email address is dmcgee@fcps1.org. If you need assistance with something, feel free to contact me.  Also, if you would like send me your email address as well, and I will be able to keep in touch in case of negative balances with your child's account.

    Again, thank you for viewing this page! Check back often!