• Outside Professional Development Opportunities

    Credit is assigned per clock hour attended for state recertification and county professional development. County professional development is only earned during hours outside of the certified staff's contractual time such as evenings, weekends, and summer.

    To add the event to your FCPS record for credit, in Frontline PG, upload your certificate or proof of attendance into My Info-My File Library. Then go to Forms and complete the one titled “Request Credit for an Activity Already Completed” where you can then attach the document uploaded to the request. If no certificate or proof of attendance is issued, state this fact and a short reflection in the activity description field.

    This will then be reviewed by your admin and the credit added to your record.

    If requesting funding, teachers should request prior approval through Frontline Professional Growth using the form "Request Credit for an Upcoming Activty." Needed leave should be requested through Frontline Absence Management.

    Questions regarding these events should be directed to the event organizer.

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