Checking in with Dr. Jeck

  • checking in with Dr. Jeck

    “Checking in with Dr. Jeck” replaces “One Hard Question” (OHQ) which, over the past four years, provided me with an opportunity to answer tough questions provided by FCPS stakeholders. Although OHQ was a quality resource and provided responses to concerns in a timely and straightforward manner, few questions were submitted during the 2016-17 school year. As a result, I’ve decided to broaden the format to include not only answers to tough questions, but also thoughts regarding recent FCPS activity, commentary related to a wide variety of topics, praises, and important announcements when appropriate.

    The OHQ email address is no longer active. You can instead send questions, concerns, comments, praises, announcements, etc. to this address:

    The overarching goal is improved communication. Frankly, it is the only goal associated with this resource. I promise not to waste your time or censor comments. Just as with OHQ, I will be candid and to the point. You may not like what you hear, but it will be truthful and accurate.

    The ground rules for "Checking In with Dr. Jeck" are as follows:

    o    Stick to topics relevant to the entire school division. Questions, comments, concerns related to specific schools should be directed to the building principal.

    o    Matters relating to personal or personnel issues will not be addressed.

    o    Appropriate language must be used. Please be respectful of others.

    o    There is no need to resubmit an unanswered content. If a question, comment, or concern is not answered the week it is submitted, it will remain in the pool of topics and may be answered at a later time.

    Looking forward to this new adventure!

    Dave Jeck


  • April 24, 2018

    This week’s Checking In is really just the results of the School Board work session last night and then a couple of observations that I wanted to make about the budget process in general.  You know, I’m still learning that even after months of hearings and meetings and information about budget, there is still some misunderstanding about the process itself.  For example, there are folks out there who are still under the impression that either me or the School Board or both that we have the authority to make decisions about how much revenue the schools are going to receive or how much additional compensation people are going to receive.  And that’s not how it works at all.