• President: Cassidee Acors

    Vice President: Mason Hamilton

    Treasurer: Andrew Homenik

    Secretary: Nora Duncan

    Historian/Reporter: Ashlyn Leatherwood



  • National Junior Honor Society Eligibility Requirements
    Taylor Middle School Chapter
    (Updated 5/22/18)

    I.  Identification of Potential Members
    A.  Seventh grade students who have been at TMS for at least one full semester will be considered for eligibility at the end of the first semester.
    B.  To be eligible for membership, a 7th grade student must have maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.7 or better during their 6th grade year and the first semester of 7th grade.
    C.  Eligible students will be contacted, given basic information about the NJHS, its pillars, and requirements and then offered the opportunity to apply.

    II.  Application Packet Contents
    A.  An overview of the selection process including specific directions and deadlines
    B.  Instructions for writing a friendly letter introducing yourself and stating your intent to join the organization
    C.  A Student Activity Information form
    D.  Recommendation forms to be completed by the student’s current core teacher and a community member

    III.  Guidelines for Recommending Teachers to Consider
    A.  Service – the student demonstrates a willingness to render cheerfully and enthusiastically any requested service to the school and participates in school/community organizations.
    B.  Leadership – the student inspires positive behavior in others and maintains a loyal school attitude.
    C.  Citizenship – the student shows respect for property, school rules, and fellow human beings.
    D.  Character – the student is honest, responsible, fair, courteous, tolerant, and cooperative.

    IV.  Based on the application (recommendations, activity form, and personal letter), the principal-appointed five member faculty council will select members.

    V.  Grade Point Average Requirements
    A.  Each NJHS member is expected to maintain a 3.7 or better cumulative grade point average. 
    B.  If a member drops below a 3.7, the member and his/her parents will receive a letter notifying them of this drop and the fact that the student has two terms to return the GPA to a 3.7 or better. 
    C.  If at the end of the second term, the GPA has not returned to a 3.7 or better, the student will be dropped from membership and will be requested to turn in his/her membership card.

    VI.  Attendance and Service Requirements
    A.   All members are expected to attend monthly meetings.
    B.  Unavoidable absences will be excused when the sponsor is given written notice prior to the monthly meeting.
    C.  During his/her 8th grade year, all NJHS members are expected to complete a minimum of six service hours outside of school hours; members are also expected to participate in any in-school service projects.