FCPS Science Overview

  • Elementary Offerings

    K-5 Science is an integral part of the elementary curriculum.  Different aspects of science are emphasized in each grade.  The continuing strands each year from Virginia SOLs and National Science Education Standards are

    • Scientific Investigation
    • Force and Motion
    • Matter
    • Living Systems
    • Life Processes
    • Interrelationships in Earth/Space Science
    • Earth patterns, Cycles and Change
    • Earth Resources

    Middle School Offerings

    • 6th Grade Science is General Science with studies in life science, environmental science, physical science, and Earth/Space science.  The science strands from elementary school continue.
    • 7th Grade Science is Life Science  
    • 8th Grade Science is Physical Science

     High School Offerings

    • Earth Science
    • Earth Science Honors
    • Earth Science II: Astronomy
    • Biology
    • Biology Honors
    • Biology II: Ecology
    • Biology II: Anatomy & Physiology
    • Biology II Honors: Marine Ecology
    • Biology AP
    • Chemistry
    • Chemistry AP
    • Environmental Science AP
    • Physics Concepts
    • AP Physics I and II
    • Environmental Earth Science (Offered only at FHS)
    • Environmental Geology (Offered only at FHS)