Seniors and Scholarships

  • Heavy Equipment Operator course - Funded through a combination of grant and local funding.  Must be 18 by June 11, 2020 and lived in Virginia for the past 12 months.  Offered to students tuition FREE as long as you complete the class.  Classes offered on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 5PM - 9PM beginning March 24th and ending June 11th.  Offered on LFCC's Vint Hill campus.  The deadline for applications is February 27th.  If you have any questions, please see Mrs. Belinda Knudson, Career Coach, or your counselor.
    Bank Day - Tuesday, March 17th.  Spend the day shadowing a banker in their daily duties.  After the day you will write an essay based on your experience.  These essays will be judged by bankers and 13 scholarships will be awarded to the winners. $1,000/$2,500/$5,000.  Deadline to sign-up for the program is March 10th.  Visit their site or come in to the Counseling Office for additional information.  Bank Day site 
    Virginia College Transfer Options - Community colleges offer a  wide variety of programs of study.  Transfer programs provide a foundation for continued study at a four-year college or university.  Visit the below site for a list of 4-year colleges/universities and their Guaranteed Admissions Agreement. > Students > Transfer > Guaranteed Admission Agreement
    Scholarships are arriving!  The list will be updated as additional scholarships are received.  The Counseling Office has the scholarships printed out.  Please come by and check it out.  Click here to see the latest (February 19, 2020 at 8:00AM)SCHOLARSHIP LIST
    NEW Scholarship Feature:  Scholarships by Category - Updated February 19, 2020
    Five major legitimate scholarship search sites (from Opportunities: Preparing for College Guide & Workbook):
    U.S. Department of Labor:
    Golden Door Scholars:
    Direct Scholarship Sites:
    List of scholarships compiled by LFCC (not necessarily for LFCC) - GREAT SCHOLARSHIP RESOURCE! - List of Scholarships
    Click here for Nursing Scholarship information.
    Student-View Scholarship Program -
    Console and Assoc. Legal Scholarship - law, pre-law, paralegal - July 15, 2020
    Types of Scholarships:
    Performance-based (do you excel in academics, sports or the arts?)
    Competitions or contests (essay or entering a sweepstakes for a scholarship)
    Diversity (If you are part of a particular ethnic, cultural group, etc)
    Business and community based (local businesses and civic organizations)
    How grants and scholarships differ - Grants are often based on need criteria, which vary depending on the source of the grant.  Many providers of student grants rely on information in the FAFSA to evaluate a student's need. 
    Senior Night (September 5th) - Click on the following to access the PowerPoint Presentation,   2019-2020 College Application Procedure Checklist - Senior College Timetable 2019 - 2020.
    Colleges/Universities/Trade Schools coming to FHS!  Please check the "College Visits" tab.  Updated as we are notified of additional school coming to FHS.  Juniors and Seniors are welcome and encouraged to attending these informational sessions.

    SAT and ACT Testing Dates available in the "Testing Calendar" tab.

    Interested in a career in:
    • Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Management
    • Apprenticeship pathways like Electricians, Plumbers, and HVAC Mechanicsocational pathways like Carpenters and Masons
      Check out this booklet:  Build Your Path, a Guidebook of Built Environment Careers
      Paper copies of the Guidebook are available in Guidance.
      Sign up for the U.S. News Education Newsletter and receive important information:  Extra Help:  College Admissions/Helping parents get their teen to college.  Visit their site:  U.S. News Education Newsletters
      Visit the site College-Prep 101 for informaton on college planning.  There are timelines/checklists for each high school grade level, section for college terminology, and much more.
      College-Prep 101 Checklists
      Fauquier High School Transcript Release Form may be accessed by clicking here.  Student must fill this form out and bring to Mrs. Barbara Snyder in the Counseling office.  A transcript will be sent to each college/university the student submits an application.

      CollegeBoard has a site which is helpful to students, parents, career path, financial aid, etc.  You may access the site at  

      How to Survive Before Decisions Arrive!

      • Relax, but don't relax too much

      • Make sure the colleges have what they need

      • Keep on top of changes and late-breaking info

      • Continue to show your interest

      • Visit your colleges, especially your top choices

      • Focus on finances

      • Continue to research your colleges, including your backup

      Some colleges may use some or all of the criteria listed below to determine the status of an applicant:

      • Grade point average (GPA)    
      • Strength of subject
      • ACT/SAT Scores
      • Class rank
      • Recommendations
      • Special talents/awards
      • Activities
      • Essays
      • Interviews
      • Demonstrated interest

      **Check out this very useful site - for parent and students preparing for college admissions and information.  Get the college 411, prepare and apply, and much, much more.  SAT, ACT, and AP Exam info and dates.

      College Planning Timeline for Seniors

      • Finalize college list and start filling out applications.  Many schools accept the Common Application (
      • Submit a Transcript Release Form to Mrs. Snyder in the Counseling office for each college/university you apply.
      • Finalize activity resume and essay(s).
      • Meet with college admission representatives when they come to FHS (guidance has the latest college list and sign up sheets) and attend college fair (Sept. 27th at LFCC from 6pm - 8pm).
      • Start submitting applications.  Be aware of college/university deadlines.

      SAT I/II and ACT test information is available in the Counseling Department.  Register on line at You can go to the College Board site to get helpful study information (  SAT practice booklets are available in Guidance.

      SAT -

      ACT - 

      Tutor List:

      Available in the Guidance Office and by clicking here.