• Open now!  The Building Leaders for Advancing Science and Technology (BLAST) program offers an exciting, on-campus summer experience designed to increase student interest and curiosity in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).  Application opens November 15, 2019!  

      College Planning Timeline

        • Get involved!  Begin to explore extracurricular activities and/or volunteer opportunities.  See what sparks your interest.
        • Start building your activity resume with a focus on quality, not just quantity. 
        • Be sure to keep track of your activities including the type of activities, time involved, and leadership.
        • Your high school transcript begins now - start building a strong one.  Study hard!
        • Become aware of NCAA requirements if you are interested in playing sports in college.
        • READ!  The best way to improve your vocabulary and comprehension is to ready a lot.  This may help you achieve a high SAT/ACT score.

      Visit the site College-Prep 101 for information on college planning.  There are timelines/checklists for each high school grade level, section for college terminology, and much more.

      College-Prep 101 Checklists

      If your freshman child is having a difficult time adjusting to high school, pleae have him/her contact their school counselor.  The students should come to Guidance and fill out a "Request to See Counselor" form.  The counselor will send a pass to the teacher to send the student at an appropriate time.  Any questions, feel free to call the Guidance Department at 540-422-7307.