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    Green Day at Ritchie The Fauquier County Public Schools (FCPS1) Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 Budget supports the FY 2020 biennial budget goals established in the fall of 2017 by the School Board. On November 3, 2018, the School Board continued support of the biennium goals for FY 2020 and directed the superintendent to focus on teacher compression and market competitiveness to attract and retain highly qualified instructional staff. The School Board goals stand on two overarching parameters: [I] equity and access for 21st-century learners, and [II] safety, security and support for our students, staff, and our school community.

    For the FY 2019-20 biennium, Fauquier County Public School’s local composite index (LCI) or local ability to pay for education has increased to 0.6114 from 0.5827 in the previous biennium. This index is fundamental to the commonwealth’s Standards of Quality (SOQ) funding model. The state considers Fauquier County to be above the state’s average in its ability to pay for education, thereby reducing state per-pupil funding. Another key indicator is the average daily membership or ADM. The ADM used for planning the budget was 11,032 in the FY 2019 and will now decrease to 10,962 for FY 2020 planning purposes. 

    On April 9, 2019, the Fauquier County School Board approved the FY 2020 budget. This budget allocates an overall total of $148.3 million for school operations and approves budgets for a textbook fund ($1.1 million), nutrition fund ($5.8 million), asset fund ($3.7 million), and regional governor’s school fund ($1.7 million). The centerpiece of the budget was addressing salary and compression issues within our current pay scale model. The adopted FCPS1 budget will increase by $7.5 million next year (from $140.8 to 148.3 million). Below is a summary of the $7.5 million increase:


    Expenditure Reductions

    $         (3,104,977)

    Restricted Funds & Grants


    Required Benefit Increases


    Workforce Investment


    Teacher 2% + Market/Compression (teachers, counselors & librarians): 


    Licensed Professionals 2% (occupational therapists, physical therapists, psychologists, social workers, speech & language pathologists): 


    Inst. Assist. 2% + Market/Compression: 


    Principals 2%: 


    Asst. Principals 2% + Market/Compression: 


    $500 for All Other Employees: 


    Instruction, Safety and Security


    Total FY 2020 Increase:

       $          7,513,965


    More details and answers to frequently asked questions about the budget can be found here.