A combo price is charged only if you have 3 of 5 items minimum

    (Grain, Protein {sold together as an Entrée}, Fruit, Vegetable, Milk)

    AND > at least one item of the 3 has to be a fruit or veggie to qualify for a Combo Meal


    BREAKFAST Combo: 

    Entrée, 1 milk, and your choice of 2 different fruits &/or veggies:

    Hot veggies, Fresh veggies cups, Assorted V-Blend juice,

    Hot Fruits, Assorted Fruit juices, Fresh fruit, Canned fruit, Dried fruit


    LUNCH Combo:

    Entrée, 2 vegetables, 1 fruit & 1 milk

    (High School is 2 veggies & 2 fruits)


    • PB & J COMBO comes with:

    Stick Pretzels OR Cheez-its & Yogurt OR Cheese (this adds to the Grain & Protein requirement),

    2 vegetables, 1 fruit & 1 milk

    (High School is 2 veggies & 2 fruits)


    • SOFT PRETZEL Combo comes with:

    Yogurt & Cheese Stick (this adds to the Protein requirement)

    2 vegetables, 1 fruit & 1 milk


    • CHEF SALAD Combo:

    1 vegetable, 1 fruit & 1 milk

    (2nd veggie is factored into the salad)

    Sandwich of the Week: This is Deli Sandwich, Sub or Wrap made fresh Monday-Thursday and offered in addition to our menued items. This is at the discretion of the manager for availability & flavors.

    Salad dressings, Condiments & Utensils: ALL condiments (& utensils) provided daily are in accordance with federal guidelines and are factored into the cost of the food sold by school nutrition.

    **NOTE TO PARENTS: If you child brings a lunch from home, please remember to supply all of their needs including these items. If they happen to forget an item, we can sell these items at an additional cost of 5¢-35¢. Just have them ask at a register for the item(s) needed.


  • Combo & A la Carte Price List 2019-20

    Here is a quick list of middle school pricing for your convenience.

    Prices and availability of snack items listed below may change throughout the year.

    All snack items offered meet the smart snack guidelines.


    Breakfast Combo $1.75

    Reduced Combo 30¢ (Qualified students on the Free & Reduced Meal Plan)

    Breakfast Entrée only $1.35

    Lunch Combo $3.00

    Reduced Combo 40¢ (Qualified students on the Free & Reduced Meal Plan)

    Lunch Entrée only $2.45

    ADULT: Please feel free to join your student for breakfast or lunch

    Breakfast Combo $2.15

    Breakfast Entrée only $1.40

    Lunch Combo $3.75

    Lunch Entrée only $2.65



    25¢ - mini Rice Krispie treat

    45¢ - bread, rolls, biscuits, toast, bread sticks, croissants, saltines

    50¢ - school made cookies, string cheese sticks, cheese cups

    55¢ - assorted bagged chips, school made dessert cups, milk

    60¢ - all graham items, Chex Mix, assorted fruit items, assorted veggie items,

             Fruit chews (gummy snacks)

    65¢ - assorted yogurt, pop tarts, hot chocolate, Capri Sun, pudding cups

    75¢ - small water 8oz.

    85¢ - Rice Krispie Treat (all flavors)

    $1.00 - large water 16 oz.,

    $1.15 - Switch juice (all flavors)

    $1.30 - Soft pretzel (a la carte only, not sold in a combo meal)

    $2.00 – assorted Beef Jerky, bowl w/soup & crackers (adults only)



    55¢ - assorted cups, orange dream bar, fudge bar, mini ice cream sandwich

    65¢ - assorted push-ups, assorted sherbet 

    75¢ - assorted cones, assorted shortcake eclairs, large ice cream sandwich


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