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    Posted by Eric McCaslin on 1/22/2020 9:20:00 AM

    Visit our LHS College & Career Center for all local Scholarships! 

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    (FAFSA Completion Guide at the bottom of the page)


    Welcome to the LHS Scholarships & Financial Aid Page.  You can use the information here to research the basics of financial aid and to look up scholarships from around the world.  

    In addition to getting information on basic aid for paying for post-graduate studies (i.e. Grants, Loans, etc.) and larger websites that share national scholarship opportunities, you can also find information on the many local scholarships that our community makes available to students (located on our "Local Scholarships" page).

    We hope that you find this information helpful, but we also encourage you to set up an appointment with one of us for more personalized advice and resources.

    Here are a few of the best sites available to help you with your journey:

    FAFSA - This is the main site to request federal grants & loans.  All students attending college are expected to complete this to determine eligibility for federal financial aid and to let schools know how much aid you are eligible for so they can offer additional assistance as needed.

    CSSProfile - Many colleges may also require that students complete the CSS Profile in addition to the FAFSA.  This is a more intensive review of families' ability to pay for college and may provide more information to the college to help them assess aid that they may be willing to offer a prospective student.

    Big Future - A great tool for everything college & Career, including tools to help you learn about how to "Pay for College".

    FastWeb - One of the most popular scholarship websites out there.  It allows you to build your profile and begin your search for scholarships that are just right for you.

    Cappex - Another scholarship website that also allows you to search for colleges and build your profile and build a list of schools that you are exploring.

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