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  • What does an Area Building Manager do for FCPS?

    • Coordinates and oversees construction, maintenance, and repair of buildings while managing daily operations of facilities and grounds.
    • Develops and implements short and long term construction and maintenance plans with the Facilities and Construction Director. 
    • Preforms routine inspections and assessments of school facilities and associated plant systems.
    • Delagates maintenance support and preventative maintenance functions
    • Complies with the Unified Services Agreement with Fauquier County to ensure performance standards are met. Provides oversight, coordination, and management of regulatory inspection programs (i.e., annual fire marshal inspections, sprinkler inspections, safety audits).
    • Manages construction, renovations, and systems replacement projects for existing school facilities from conception and plan review to final warranty repairs.
    • Surveys facilities for energy efficiency, and implements improvements with facilities director, maintenance staff, school administrators, custodians, utility companies, and other stakeholders.
    • Communicates projects and activities with Construction Director, Facilities Director, Administration, Contractors, and Regulatory Agencies.
    • Act as liaison with school administration on all facility related issues and determines appropriate action necessary to ensure a continuously operated and fully compliant instructional environment.