• Grade 6 and Grade 7 Career Exploration includes students exploring careers by completing an Interest Survey using the Virginia Tech website, https://www.vaview.vt.edu , to explore career families and how the student's interests match a career he/she may be interested in exploring.  Sixth graders use a paper form survey, and seventh graders use a Chromebook.  We discuss different ways to pursue types of careers, i.e., Career/Technical classes in high school, Two-year College Degree, Four-Year College Degree, and others.

    Please feel free to complete the Career Exploration Form.

  • Eighth graders complete an Academic Career Plan portfolio using the website, https://www.vawizard.org, to explore different careers and how they relate to the different assessments they may take on the website.  They are administered a Career Assessment and Skill Assessment.  They also have an opportunity to learn of high school courses and how they relate to a career of interest.  They have an opportunity to plan and record what high school courses they want to pursue.