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  •  The Role of the School Counselor              

    Fauquier County Public School’s counseling program is designed in accordance with the American School Counselor Association's National Standards.  We adhere strictly to state, local, and national standards.  Our program is comprehensive in design and incorporates developmental and preventative strategies to enhance the academic, personal/social, and career development of our students.

    As school counselors, we are advocates for your student.  We work closely with parents, teachers, and administrators to support your child’s educational process. The counseling program is a part of the total school curriculum. It promotes successful schooling by helping students deal with greater independence, interact positively with peers, and become effective members of their school/surrounding community.

    When your student visits the counselor, it is assumed that he/she will let the parent know of the visit.  However, if the situation requires immediate attention from the parent, the counselor will contact the parent/guardian.


    Meet Mrs. Kessler

    Mrs. Alina Kessler, M.Ed.

    Director of School Counseling

    All Grades  (A-Ma)



    Mrs. Hilary Stanton

    School Counselor

    All Grades (Mc-Z


    Ms. Rebecca White

    School Social Worker