Scholarships - Class of 2023

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    IMPORTANT!  A rep from Northern Piedmont Community Foundation (NPCF Scholarship #51) will be coming to FHS on January 31st during homeroom (10:32 - 11:02) to help/assist any senior who would like to work on their NCPF scholarships (28 scholarships) application and get any questions answered. Sign up in the counseling office or one of the QR codes outside the counseling office doors.

    Scholarships - Any questions, please email Mrs. Barbara Snyder or call 540-422-7307.

    Additional information on scholarships, including scams, can be found at

    Did you know that there are two types of scholarships?

    1. National scholarships - These are open to students across the country.

    2. Local scholarships - These are more specific to Fauquier High School and Fauquier County.


    Newsletter from  Contains various national scholarships with deadlines fast approaching. Updated periodically.

    Scholarship search sites:


    College Board:

    US Dept. of Labor:

    Golden Door Scholars:





    Women in Aviation - Scholarships for women interested in Aerospace Engineering, Dispatcher/Air Traffic Control, Flight/Pilot, Aviation Maintenance, and more.

    LIST OF SCHOLARSHIPS -  CLICK HERE   Paper copies of the scholarships are available in the Counseling Office)  Please be aware of DEADLINES!

    3.  Nursing Scholarships - Check the Johnson & Johnson site for a variety of nursing scholarships.  CLICK HERE

    8. AES Engineers Scholarship - Everyone is welcome to apply.  Do not need to be taking Engineering courses to be eligible.  CLICK HERE

    10. Elks Scholarship Program - Legacy Award - Any child/grandchild of an active Elk in good standing.  CLICK HERE

    12. North American Van Lines Logistics Scholarship - Undergraduate degree in Logistics or equivalent field.  CLICK HERE

    16. B. Davis Scholarship - Everyone is welcome to apply.  CLICK HERE

    18. Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) List of Scholarships - HBCU. CLICK HERE

    21. John R. Lillard Foundation Aviation Scholarship - GPA of at least 3.50, planning a career in the aviation industry.  CLICK HERE

    22. Kenneth R. Scott Aviation Scholarship - GPA of at least 3.50, planning a career in the field of aviation.   CLICK HERE 

    23. Captain Earle Worley Scholarship - Planning to study aeronautics, aerospace, aviation or related engineering.   CLICK HERE

    26. American Indians Scholarships - CLICK HERE

    27. SAT Practice Khan Adademy - BigFuture Scholarship:  Everyone!!  CLICK HERE

    28. Willard G. Plentl Sr. Aviation Scholarship - Career in Aviation.  CLICK HERE

    29. Gloria Wille Bell and Carlos R. Bell Scholarship - University of Michigan.  CLICK HERE

    30. Abbott and Fenner Scholarship - All high school juniors and seniors.  CLICK HERE

    31. Criminal Justice Programs - CLICK HERE

    33. USDA/1890 National Scholars Program Scholarship - Attending Land-Grant University -Agriculture related field.  CLICK HERE

    34. Valhen 2023 Scholarship Program - Must be of Latino/Hispanic Heritage.  CLICK HERE

    35. Old Rag Master Naturalist 2023 Scholarship - Local Scholarship/Environmental - APPLICATION (also available in the Counseling Office)

    36. UVA Community Credit Union Scholarship - Everyone is welcome to apply!  CLICK HERE

    38. Sadie O. Embry Scholarship - Everyone is welcome to apply.  APPLICATION (also available in the Counseling Office)

    39. FEEA Scholarship - Parent/Guardian full- or part-time permanent civilian federal or postal employee. CLICK HERE

    40. Stage Alive Community Concert Association Scholarship - Students pursuing musical studies.  Application will be posted shortly.

    42. Roy A. Pool, Jr. Memorial Scholarship - Administered via The Falcon Booster Club - FHS student athletics - CLICK HERE

    43. FHS Booster Club Athletic Scholarships - FHS student athletics - CLICK HERE

    44. ACS Scholars Program American Chemical Society - US citizen, African descent or Black, Hispanic or Latina, or Indigenous. CLICK HERE

    45. University of Virginia Community Credit Union - Everyone is eligible! - CLICK HERE

    46. Betty Ann O'Leary Scholarship - Planning on attending a Virginia community college - CLICK HERE

    47. Irene Pilcher Perrow Scholarship - Has a financial need and academic background to attend a college/university in the U.S. - CLICK HERE

    48. Watkins C. Smith Scholarship - Further their education in a vocation or trade - CLICK HERE

    49. George E. Allen Academic Scholarship - Plans to further their education in nursing, business, trade, technical training, or similar program.  Opens Dec. 5th - CLICK HERE

    50. Horatio Alger Scholarship - U.S. Citizen, adjusted gross family income of $55,000 or less.  CLICK HERE

    51. Northern Piedmont Community Foundation - 23 LOCAL SCHOLARSHIPS! - "One Stop Shopping" - Application will open December 16th!  Stay tuned... CLICK HERE for scholarship descriptions in detail. CLICK HERE for a condensed description of scholarships.

    52. NAACP Fauquier County Branch - GPA 2.5 +; awarded for academic achievement, outstanding citizenship, leadership, service, and extracurricular activities. Everyone is welcome to apply. CLICK HERE

    53. Leeds Ruritan Club - Seniors living in Delaplane, Hume, Markham, Marshall, and/or Orlean area.  CLICK HERE

    54. Apple Scholarships - need to be a member of Apple Federal Credit Union. CLICK HERE

    56. Kaiser Permanente Health Equity Scholarship - Demonstrated interest in pursuing a clinical or non-clinical career in the health industry.  CLICK HERE

    57. Information Security Undergraduate Scholarship - Pursuing a degree with a focus on cybersecurity, information assurance or similar field.  CLICK HERE

    58. 2023 Civics Essay Contest - Open for EVERYONE! Essay - CLICK HERE

    59. Loral Ridge Community College (LRCC) - to be attending LRCC - CLICK HERE FOR FLYER - CLICK HERE FOR LINK

    60. Alpha Delta Kappa (ADK) Memorial Scholarship - Parent/Guardian must be an employee of Fauquier County School System - CLICK HERE

    61. The Plains Community League Scholarship - Must live in The Plains zip code of 20198 - CLICK HERE

    62. J. Richard Winter Scholarship - Write essay about your service to your church, community, school, etc. - CLICK HERE

    63. Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation - Child of a Marine or a Navy Corpsman, Chaplain or Religious Programs specialist attached to a Marine unit - CLICK HERE

    64. Brown Hudner Navy Scholarship Foundation - Child of an active duty, reserve, honorably discharged, or fallen Sailor - CLICK HERE

    65. Edmonds Memorial Scholarship - Everyone welcome to apply - CLICK HERE

    66. Virginia Assoc. of Soil & Water Conservation Educational Foundation - Environmental Studies - CLICK HERE

    67. Addition to Warrenton Lakes Association (AWLA) - Must live in AWLA - CLICK HERE

    68. WISER Scholarship for Higher Education - Applicant must have documented learning and/or accessibility needs - CLICK HERE

    69. Charles L. Plante Book Scholarship - Must reside in the Coleman and Thompson Elementary attendance zones.  CLICK HERE

    70. Eura Lewis Scholarship - Student in need - CLICK HERE

    71. CCC Ruritans Scholarship - Essay - everyone! - CLICK HERE