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    Below are community events that are currently happening or scheduled to occur within Fauquier County. Click the link below to add your community event to our webpage.

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  • Girls in Aviation Day (GIAD), a Women in Aviation International (WAI) Event, September 24, 2022:Girls in Aviation Day


    6th FAA Aviation Safety Virtual STEM Career Symposium:

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    6th FAA Aviation Safety Virtual STEM Career Symposium, September 29, 2022, 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm EDT. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is the government agency responsible for overseeing air transportation in the United States. The FAA focuses on air transportation safety, including the enforcement of safety standards for aircraft manufacturing, operation, and maintenance. The FAA Aviation Safety (AVS) STEM Career Symposium is designed to educate students about STEM/aviation-related career opportunities and encourage them to enter into these type of fields when considering their own career in the future. The AVS STEM Career Symposium will include multiple guest speakers, interactive visual presentations, STEM engagement activities and opportunities for students to talk with aviation professionals. Participating students will learn about exciting careers such as aviation safety inspectors, aerospace engineers, medical officers, pilots, air traffic controllers, and mathematicians. https://avsstemcareersymposium.vfairs.com/

    6th FAA Aviation

    Latino Warrenton Festival, October 2nd:

    Latino Warrenton Festival


    Airlie Community Market Events:

    Airlie Community Market


    Ridgeline Youth Art Event:

    This outdoor event will feature Artist Elizabeth Turk (https://elizabethturkstudios.com/) as the “entertainment”.  The evening will include musicians and a dancer interacting with the youth who hold artistically designed battery-operated umbrellas as the sun sets. 

    While waiting for the program to begin, children can draw on the runway with chalk and enjoy some farm-fresh goodies and cookies. There will be educational tables to learn about the heritage vegetables grown on our farm. We will also have a seed-saving demonstration. Activities to learn about endangered plant species in our region and actions to practice conservation will take place and  a special take-home gift will be given to all youth in attendance. 

    All Youth (under the age of 18) and their families are invited to Oak Spring Garden Foundations' airstrip to take part in this amazing opportunity.

    Ridgeline Youth Art Event




    Rappahannock Culpeper Baseball 


    Rappahannock Athletic Association Assoco



    Fauquier County 4-H

    The 4-H Next Generation Entrepreneurs is a collaborative effort between the Warrenton Farmers Market and Fauquier Cooperative Extension.Youth ages 9 - 18 can participate in this program which will foster entrepreneurship skills and include an opportunity for them to put those skills into action and earn some real money. Participants will learn how to do market research, develop their brand, and market themselves and their products. This program will culminate with youth participants selling their products at the Warrenton Farmers Market. More information about this program can be found here:


    4-H Next Generation