• Auburn Physical Education Dress Policy

    To reinforce the importance of personal hygiene, we require that the clothes worn for PE be something other than what was worn to school that day. Appropriate PE attire includes any of the following items:

    1. Shorts – 7 inch inseam. We suggest dark colors like black, gray, navy. No pockets preferred. Basketball or soccer style work best. No short Running style shorts.
    2. T-Shirt – must have a crew neck. We suggest school colors like light blue, navy, or white. No pocket preferred.
    3. Sneakers – non marking sole any color with laces.
    4. Socks – any athletic style or color.
    5. Sweat pants – Gray, dark blue or black preferred.
    6. Athletic Leggings – Capri length preferred. Shirt must cover back side.

    We strongly suggest the following guidelines concerning PE clothes:

    1. Designate a “gym suit” to use every day and write name prominently on each clothing item to help us identify any lost items. Use this “gym suit” all year.
    2. Purchase / use inexpensive, generic clothes.
    3. Use gym locker to store clothes and bring home at least once a week to wash.