Attention parents of 6th graders, did you know that there are immunizations required by the state for 7th grade entry?  Read the attached letters from the Virginia Department of Health for information.  Before starting 7th grade, students are required to show proof of receipt of the Tdap (Tetanus-Diptheria-Pertussis) booster immunization as well as the MenACWY vaccine against meningococcal disease.  The HPV (Human Papillomavirus vaccine is also recommended for 7th grade entry.  Parents have the right to decide if their child receives the HPV vaccine. 


    Your 6th grader may have already received some/all of these required immunizations as part of their well child care.  If you would like to know if the school already has proof of vaccination, please email Christina Suhrie, RN, the AMS School Nurse, at csuhrie@fcps1.org or call the clinic at 540-422-7416.  You can also contact the School Nurse if you want information on exemption from this requirement. 


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