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  • Mary Walter Elementary

    4529 Morrisville Road

    Bealeton, VA  22712

    Office (540) 422-7710, Fax (540) 422-7729, Clinic (540) 422-7715

    Office Hours: 8:00-4:30
    Student Hours: 8:30-3:25

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    Secretary, Linda Cox, Bookkeeper, Barbara Correia, School Nurse, Ashley Franklin, Principal, Alex O'Dell, Assistant Principal, Charlee King

  • Hello MWES Families,

    SOL testing will begin April 25, 2017.  Please mark these dates on your family calendar.

    Below are some tips for helping your child do their best on their SOL tests this year.

    • Display a positive attitude about the SOL tests. Help your child understand that tests are a part of school and life.
    • Review your child’s curriculum and/or the SOL blueprints- talk to your child about what he or she is learning. Help your child learn. (For those of you who enjoy investigating on the computer, you can download the blueprints from the Department of Education’s homepage (
    • Make sure your child understands the value you place on his/her achievement.
    • Encourage your child to stay relaxed and calm during the SOL tests. If your child gets nervous about tests, give him/her ideas of ways to stay calm.
    • Make sure your child gets a good morning breakfast before the SOL tests.
    • Remind your child to bring his/her eyeglasses to school on all of the testing days.
    • Make sure you child is at school on time so that he/she will not feel rushed on testing days.
    • Encourage your child to try hard and do his/her best everyday in school.
    • Ask your child’s teacher about areas of weakness. Ask for specific suggestions of how to help your child improve.
    • Help your child keep the tests in perspective. It is one indication of student achievement not the measure by how we determine whether or not your child is worthy.
    • Be your child’s number one cheerleader.



    Alexander O’Dell

    School Principal

Division News

  • School Board Approves Revisions to 2017-2018 FCPS Calendar

    At its June 13, 2017, meeting the Fauquier County School Board approved two revisions to the school year 2017-2018 calendar, which the board originally approved in January 2016: The week of spring break is changed to March 26-30, 2018, one week earlier than originally designated. The change aligns the FCPS spring break with that of the majority of surrounding school divisions and allows for employees to be off on Good Friday, a request made through the superintendent’s Advisory Committee for Educators and Staff (ACES).

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  • New Homework Regulation Now in Effect for FCPS Students

    There is hope for the Fauquier County Public Schools student holed up in his or her room for hours on end laboring over homework assignments. Love it or hate it or simply wanting to debate it, homework can be the bane or boon of a student/parent relationship and a help or hindrance to a student/teacher relationship. Major Warner, associate superintendent for instruction, presented a regulation to the Fauquier County School Board at its June 13 meeting that will lay a firm foundation for what homework should look like for FCPS students in the coming school year and beyond. The regulation, which did not require school board approval, will be attached to the existing FCPS Homework Policy 6-5.4. FCPS principals devoted an almost year-long effort toward clarifying the school division’s position on homework.

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  • School Division to Institute Summer Hours

    Again this year, in an effort to save money in utility costs, Fauquier County Public Schools will institute a four-day work week for employees who work during the summer. From June 5 through August 4, FCPS employees will work on an extended schedule Monday through Thursday – from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. – and all FCPS buildings, including the School Board Office, will be closed on Fridays.

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