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  • Office Hours

    School Year

    Monday - Friday     7:45 AM - 4:30 PM 

    Summer Hours

    Monday - Thursday   7:00 AM - 5:00 PM


    Instructional Hours

    8:35 AM - 3:20 PM



  •  Our History

    Opened in 1990 as a K-6 elementary school, Grace Miller Elementary School was named in honor of Mrs. Grace Clark Miller, a teacher for 40 years in Fauquier and neighboring counties. Mrs. Miller sold the property where her namesake school is located, which was part of the family farm, to the Fauquier County School Board.

    When Mrs. Miller started teaching public school in Fauquier County in 1922, she earned $85 a month and got to her Bealeton classroom by horse and buggy. Many of her students were the children of dairy farmers and would come to school after having been up for hours milking the cows and doing farm chores. If they were tired, Mrs. Miller would let them sleep; after an hour, however, it was time to learn!

    Image of the restoration of the Mustang Wall 1      Restoration of the Mustang Wall 2

    The playground wall at Grace Miller Elementary was added to the school campus in 1996 and officially dedicated on June 11, 1996.  The wall was designed and originally painted by Tish Inman, a local artist and parent of a GMES student at the time.  The silhouettes commemorate the first group of students to go from kindergarten to 5th grade at Grace Miller Elementary.  Ms. Inman is represented at the end of the wall with a paint bucket.  Mrs. Grace Miller, the namesake of the school is represented with the school mascot, a mustang.  Also represented are Mr. J. Michael Wine, the first principal of Grace Miller Elementary, and Mrs. Judy Williams, the assistant principal of GMES at that time.

    The playground wall was restored in May, 2014 through a combined effort.  Mrs. Judy Williams, then principal of Grace Miller, worked with Mr. Gary Colson, Art teacher at Liberty High School, and Ms. Inman to guide the adult alumnae of Grace Miller to repaint their own silhouettes!  Current GMES and LHS students also helped with the effort.  Their work will hopefully preserve the playground wall for many more years.

    Various other memorials can be found on the school campus.  There are trees and shrubs planted by various graduating classes and Student Council groups.  The garden on the west side of the school was added in 1998 as a memorial to a favorite teacher, Ms. Carol Davis.

    Grace Miller Elementary has long been an important part of the Bealeton community and will continue to support its children.



     Mustang Manners

    Using the positive behavior intervention system, we strive to provide an effective learning environment by teaching, modeling, and reinforcing positive behavior, in order for our students to achieve social, emotional, and academic success.


    Discipline –Students at Grace Miller Elementary are required to show respect at all times, according to our MUSTang Manners.


    • Respect for ‘ME” –Students should do their best each day in order to reach their personal potential. They must learn and make good choices. They must keep themselves and their space clean.  They must be honest and responsible.
    • Respect for “US” – Students must treat each other with respect, honoring and accepting differences, encouraging each other, and working for the best for all Grace Miller students. All staff members should be treated with respect. . Students must follow adult directions the first time they are given.  Students must allow others to learn.  They must keep their eyes and ears on the speaker, and use positive language.  Students must use MUSTang Hands and Feet and respond to the MUSTang signal.
    • Respect for “SCHOOL” – All students will show respect for the school facility, keeping Grace Miller safe, clean, and “green.” Students must keep the restroom and cafeteria clean, and recycle. Students must also respect the property of others, asking permission before using something that belongs to someone else, and using the item with care.
    • Respect for “TASKS” – All students must show respect for the work they are assigned. They must do their best work, neatly and completely. They must complete homework, and follow safety rules.  They must seek wise people for help. They must follow directions the first time they are given.