• Referrals for potentially academic gifted students may come from a variety of sources: professional staff members, parents, community members, self, or peers. The person recommending a student for the Gateways program must complete a referral form and parental consent must be given before the identification process can begin.  If you are a parent and would like to refer your child for a gifted evaluation, please contact the Gateways teacher at the elementary level, or the guidance office at the secondary level.

    Referral deadline is March 1 each year.
    Once the student is referred, the school committee considers five areas:

    standardized test scores
    quarterly grades
    work samples, products, and/or assessments
    teacher recommendations
    interviews and/or observations

    Once the identification portfolio is complete, it is presented by the Gateways teacher at an Identification Committee Meeting.  Parents will be notified of the identification decision, and permission to serve will be obtained if the student has been identified or placed on monitor.

    We are currently developing and improving our Gateways Visual Arts identification process.  At this time, students in grades 5-12 may be referred for possible identification in the area of Visual Arts by an Art teacher.  Once a teacher has filled out a referral form, parents wil be notified and asked for permission to proceed with the evaluation.  Parents will fill out a checklist.  The Art teacher will fill out a checklist and then a committee will review a portfolio of the student's artwork.

    Students who are found eligible for a Visual Arts gifted identification will receive preferential placement in advanced art classes, an invitation to FCPS Summer Art Camp and may be nominated for Summer Residential Governor's School.

    For more information about gifted/Gateways services in Fauquier County Public Schools, please contact Ladona Gorham, Supervisor, Advanced Programs and Fine Arts, at lgorham@fcps1.org or 540-422-7012.