Roadrunner Battle of the Books

  • Battle of the Books is a wonderful reading opportunity for fourth and fifth grade students. The team reads books from a county list of 24 librarian/teacher- selected titles including; Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Mystery… to name a few. We meet every other Thursday beginning in mid-September. During our meetings, we explore the books through games, food, and movies. The team also selects a student-design to be placed on the team t-shirt. Finally in April, we send a selected team of five to represent P.B. Smith in the county-wide meet. They are asked questions from the 24 books. For example, In which book do characters enjoy summer because they can check out ten books from the library and keep them for a month? The team consults and answers with the book title, Half Magic. The Battle of the Books program is for readers of all levels to explore great literature.