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The Office of the Assistant Superintendent of Administration supports the Superintendent and the School Board by overseeing functional areas of non-instructional school operations.  The areas of responsibility include:  

In addition, the office provides management development and oversight for the following: 

  • Safety and Security:  Every school has an emergency plan.   The Plan addresses evacuation, lockdown, shelter in place, intruders, tornados and severe weather, bomb threats, etc.  Division staff evaluates plans annually as part of the annual school safety audit.  School Safety
  • Redistricting:  Maintains historical enrollment by school and grade level.  Identifies school program capacity and projects further growth using birth rates and historical enrollment.  Monitors County growth in housing units and the related impact on schools.  Recommends and supports redistricting activities to achieve effective use of school space while minimizing the impact on students and families.
  • Parks & Recreation Liaison:  Collaborates with Parks & Recreation to work on issues related to both Parks & Recreation and the School Division.  Supports the Parks & Recreation Co-Operative Committee jointly with Parks & Recreation.  Two members from the School Board and two members from the Parks & Recreation Board form this Committee.  The Committee meets bi-annually to review projects and ensure efficient, effective coordination of projects to benefit the community.