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Business and Planning

Welcome to the Business and Planning Office!

The division Budget and Planning Office provides leadership and support in the planning and allocating of resources. This includes developing and implementing budget plans, educating the division's financial concepts, policies and processes and collaborating with the community to advance the mission of Fauquier County Public Schools. 

The purpose of budget development is to estimate the funds required to provide public education services in our community. Above all, a budget is a Plan; therefore, a budget describes the school division's educational plans for the upcoming year. The school board's adopted budget estimates how much money the district expects to receive (revenues) and the plan for spending those funds (expenditures). In Virginia, the state government and local governing bodies almost completely control the school revenues. Decisions about how the funds are spent, however, largely rest with the school board (subject to federal, state, and local constraints).

Why do we have to develop and publish a budget plan?

  • State code requirements.
  • Ensures close alignment between the school board vision, strategic plan (developed with community input) and the allocation of resources.
  • Fiduciary responsibility as good stewards of public funds.

The primary purpose of this office is to assist the Superintendent with:

A. The Annual Budget Process

  • State Code Section: 22.1-92. Estimate of moneys needed for public schools; notice of costs to be distributed.

It shall be the duty of each division superintendent to prepare, with the approval of the school board, and submit to the governing body or bodies appropriating funds for the school division, by the date specified in § 15.2-2503, the estimate of the amount of money deemed to be needed during the next fiscal year for the support of the public schools of the school.

  • State Code Section: 22.1-92. Estimate of moneys needed for public schools; notice of costs to be distributed.

Before any school board gives final approval to its budget for submission to the governing body, the school board shall hold at least one public hearing to receive the views of citizens within the school division. A school board shall cause public notice to be given at least ten days prior to any hearing by publication in a newspaper having a general circulation within the school division.

  • State Code 15.2-2503. Time for preparation and approval of budget; contents.

All heads of every locality shall, on or before the first day of April of each year, prepare and submit to the governing body an estimate of the amount of money needed during the ensuing fiscal year. If such person does not submit an estimate in accordance with this section, the clerk of the governing body or other designated person or persons shall prepare and submit an estimate.

  • State Code Section 22.1-93. Approval of annual budget for school purposes.

The governing body of a county shall prepare and approve an annual budget for educational purposes by May first. Upon approval, each local school division shall publish the approved annual budget, including the estimated required local match, on the division's website.

B. Fiduciary Responsibility

  • State Code section 22.1-91. Limitation on expenditure; penalty

No school board shall expend or contract to expend, in any fiscal year, any sum of money in excess of the funds available for school purposes for that fiscal year without the consent of the governing body or bodies appropriating funds to the school board. Any member of a school board or any division superintendent or other school officer violating, causing to be violated or voting to violate any provision of this section shall be guilty of malfeasance in office. 

  • State Code Section: 22.1-92. Estimate of moneys needed for public schools; notice of costs to be distributed.

Each division superintendent shall also prepare and distribute notification of the estimated average per pupil cost for public education in the school division for the coming school year to each parent or guardian. Such notification shall also include actual per pupil state and local education expenditures for the previous school year. The notice may also include federal funds expended.