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Teachers of the Year 2024

The Fauquier County Public Schools (FCPS) School Board and Superintendent took the opportunity during the April 8 meeting to recognize and honor exceptional educators from across the division who exemplify dedication and excellence in teaching.

The evening started with a reception to pay tribute to the Teachers of the Year nominees, a prestigious group of educators selected from various schools across the county. Culinary arts students from Fauquier High School added a delicious touch to the occasion with their appetizers.

During the School Board Meeting, each nominee was presented with a glass apple award, symbolizing their commitment to nurturing knowledge and growth within their classrooms and communities. Additionally, thanks to the generosity of the Fauquier Excellence In Education Foundation, each nominee received a monetary gift as a token of appreciation for their outstanding contributions to education.

Among the nominees, Amanda Hazlehurst, a special education teacher at Auburn Middle School, was announced as the 2024 Fauquier County Teacher of the Year. Amanda's unwavering commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment, coupled with her selfless acts of kindness, has left an indelible mark on the lives of her students and colleagues alike. Her genuine concern for the well-being and academic success of her students exemplifies the very essence of exceptional teaching.

Each school selected their 2024 Teacher of the Year nominee, which included:

  • Amanda Hazlehurst – Special Education, Auburn Middle School
  • Aney Massie – Gateways, Bradley Elementary School
  • Kristy Hull – English as a Second Language, Brumfield Elementary School
  • Paige Gehrke – English, Cedar Lee Middle School
  • Katrina Tucker – Special Education, Coleman Elementary School
  • Phil Noblitt – English, Fauquier High School
  • Kristin Maynard – 4th Grade, Greenville Elementary School
  • William Whisenant – Life Fitness, Kettle Run High School
  • Dawn Tucker – Math, Liberty High School
  • Katherine Nutt – English, Marshall Middle School
  • Kristina Gibbs – 5th Grade, Miller Elementary School
  • Brittany Zakkak – 3rd Grade, Pearson Elementary School
  • Deanna Fling – Kindergarten, Pierce Elementary School
  • Nancy Yergey – Kindergarten, Ritchie Elementary School
  • Debra Moore – 4th Grade, Smith Elementary School
  • Megan Burgess – Math, Taylor Middle School
  • Dawn Martin – Special Education, Thompson Elementary School
  • Bonnie Tyson – Kindergarten, Walter Elementary School

In addition, Michelle Erwin was announced as the Mentor of the Year and Danielle Gregg as the Rookie of the Year, recognizing their exceptional contributions to the growth and development of their peers and students.

FCPS extends its heartfelt congratulations to all the nominees and expresses sincere gratitude for their unwavering dedication to the students and communities they serve.