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Haeley Deeney

As Women's History Month draws to a close, it's fitting to shine a spotlight on remarkable women who are breaking barriers and making strides inside and outside our community. Among these leaders is Haeley Deeney, a proud graduate of Fauquier County Public Schools (FCPS), who is currently an A-10C Thunderbolt II pilot stationed at Osan Air Base in the Republic of Korea.

Haeley's journey with FCPS began at Marshall Middle School, followed by Fauquier High School for her ninth-grade year. Growing up in a military family, she moved overseas to Korea from 2013-2015, attending Osan American High School for her 10th-grade and 11th-grade years, which introduced her to the idea of aviation as a career path. It was there that her dream of becoming a pilot began.

Returning to Fauquier High School in 2016 for her senior year, Haeley's determination to pursue her dreams of flying never wavered. Excelling not only academically but also in extracurricular activities such as cheerleading, varsity volleyball, and varsity lacrosse, she proved herself as a leader both in and out of the classroom. After graduation, Haeley set her sights on the U.S. Air Force Academy. She was accepted into the class of 2020 and upon completion was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in April 2020.

Undergoing rigorous pilot training at Laughlin Air Force Base in Texas, Haeley’s passion for aviation grew. Her dedication soon earned her the opportunity to fly the A-10 Thunderbolt II, fondly known as the "Warthog."

For Haeley, flying the A-10 isn't just a career – it's a calling. Stationed at Osan Air Base in Korea since January 2024, she serves her country with honor and distinction. Despite the distance, Haeley remains deeply connected to her roots in Fauquier County, cherishing every opportunity to return home and reconnect with her community, including her mother, Heather Deeney, a dedicated fine arts teacher at Liberty High School.

As we honor Women's History Month, let's pay tribute to Haeley Deeney and women like her who defy expectations and inspire us all to aim high – both literally and figuratively. In her remarkable journey from Fauquier County to the skies of Korea, Haeley reminds us that with passion, perseverance, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, the sky is truly the limit.

Deeney in flight seat